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PackageKit Update Viewer

People are odd creatures. Sometimes people want to see why different packages need to be updated and want more information about what the update will achieve. Yes, I know I need a details box… The pk-updates application will list updates and show more information if you click on an entry. There is no such information […]

GtkButton in GtkTreeView?

Lazyweb: is it possible to put a GtkButton in a GtkTreeView? If yes, pointers to example code welcome. Thanks.

Application database icons

When pk-application gets packages that meet a search criteria it just prints the package name, version, summary and if it's installed or not. This is really bad from a UI point of view. What I want is: __________[ ] packagename-version[ ICON ] Translated short description[________] [more] Unfortunately, neither the translated short description nor the icon […]

PackageKit Mailing list:

Progress with PackageKit is amazing. I've had lots and lots of patches from many contributors which is great, thanks to you all. There is still lots of library and API churn but the code and GUIs are being slowly developed into something useful. The yum backend is almost complete. There's now a mailing list for […]

PackageKit IRC Channel

Anyone interested in PackageKit develpment is invited to join the channel #PackageKit on freenode.We can answer questions on backends, GUI's or anything else PackageKit related.

PackageKit: Splitting up

The PackageKit source tree needed gtk, libnotify and all sorts of weird gnomey libs to compile, which seemed to upset the non-GNOME people a little. The actual daemon just needs glib, libnm, dbus-glib and policykit so it did seem somewhat non-optimal to me as well. I've split the daemon and GUI parts into two projects: […]

PackageKit name;version;arch

Okay, quite a major omission on my part, but the PackageKit 'Package' signal previously didn't send the version or architecture of the queried package. It does now. Extra columns…. wooo… I've also merged in the start of a conary backend (thanks Ken!) and made the spawn code an order of magnitude faster. There's also quite […]

PackageKit : Requiring a restart…

This morning I've added the RequireRestart signal into PackageKit, and connected it up with the server and client. All code is in git master. usual warnings about my spelling and grammar, yadda yadda… The restart types are system (reboot), session (logout and back in) and application (restart program).Only the dummy backend supports this for now, […]

PackageKit status icon(s)

PackageKit has an application called pk-update-icon that is run once per session automatically. It is a lightweight binary that just calls into PackageKit and watches for status changes. It initiates the Refresh (non-forced) and GetUpdates after login and periodically checks for updates every couple of hours. This isn't configurable, but it would be trivial to […]

PackageKit work continues…

Two new features coded today: PackageKit is now NetworkManager aware This isn't the final GUI… PackageKit is now locked down by PolicyKit PolicyKit rocks… So, good things.

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