PackageKit name;version;arch

Okay, quite a major omission on my part, but the PackageKit 'Package' signal previously didn't send the version or architecture of the queried package. It does now.

Extra columns…. wooo…

I've also merged in the start of a conary backend (thanks Ken!) and made the spawn code an order of magnitude faster. There's also quite a bit of interest in making a pacman and emerge backend for PackageKit too.

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  1. Anonymous

    First of all I have compiling errors (Warnings that are threated as errors), Iworked arround this by manually changing the Makefiles. Another compile error: /home/nathan/Documents/sources/PackageKit/client/pk-notify.c:790: undefined reference to `g_timeout_add_seconds' pk-notify.o: In function `pk_notify_refresh_cache_finished_cb': /home/nathan/Documents/sources/PackageKit/client/pk-notify.c:812: undefined reference to `g_timeout_add_seconds' pk-notify.o: In function `pk_notify_init': /home/nathan/Documents/sources/PackageKit/client/pk-notify.c:917: undefined reference to `g_timeout_add_seconds' /home/nathan/Documents/sources/PackageKit/client/pk-notify.c:919: undefined reference to `g_timeout_add_seconds' that function is only available in glib 2.14. I do have 2.12. I changed the code to use g_timeout_add. The seconds parts multplied * 1000. Then running the app: nathan@nathan-laptop:~/Documents/sources/PackageKit$ sudo packagekitd ** ERROR **: Already running on this machine aborting… Afgebroken (core dumped) Why is this running already? I shouldn't, this is the first time I startup the program

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