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PackageKit Integration with NetworkManager

For PackageKit we don't want to be refreshing caches or checking for updates when there is no network connection. Does anyone have a short guide on how to monitor and query the connected state of nm (session or system), just like evolution does? Any nm guys want to write me a quick patch or jot […]

PackageKit git repo

git clone git:// Patches accepted. Thanks. edit: Now git clone git://

PackageKit progress 2

Work on PackageKit continues. The new manager application has lots of human-unfriendly options now, but allows people to experiment with all the features and more importantly allow people to look at the code and work out how to port their app to support PackageKit. insane UI decisions… There's quite a few API additions now also, […]

PackageKit Demo UI

PackageKit now has an update applet and application installer. This demo-application will win no awards for UI design, but the idea is to show how easy it is to make an async frontend for the provided dbus interface. Easy async abstracted installing… Also, the trivial update icon runs once per active session, and communicates with […]

PackageKit so far:

What I've done: Defined a DBUS API A system daemon that manages asynchronous jobs, and sends out notifications of job status changed A dummy backend doing all the actions but just time-wasting (acts as a nice self-test) A yum backend that can do async searching (nothing else yet) An APT backend that can do async […]

PackageKit and APT

PackageKit is the name of the system package abstraction. Why PackageKit? Well, I was getting jealous of all the other cool stuff happening with daemons ending in Kit and wanted my own. And, if I type the word “manager” once again I'm going to have to rip my hands from my arms. There is a […]

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