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PackageKit and double clicking…

Now if you double click on a rpm/deb file you will get the following UI: localinstall auth dialog You always get asked for the admin (or user) password so that this can't be abused by a malicious script when you have asked PolicyKit to remember your password. We're a couple of weeks from the release […]

PackageKit with gentoo or frugalware

Today I stumbled on the following blog post – basically, it's a developer from gentoo saying that because PackageKit won't ask the user for compile flags it's unsuitable for use in gentoo. The author then goes on to define an overly complex abstraction for package management suitable for gentoo. I appreciate gentoo is not a “install epiphany” […]

New design; thinking a bit different

I've just been sent a new design proposal for the pk-prefs dialog: Comments? It's a lot more concise, and seems to represent the relationship between the sections better. I like it. Comments?

PackageKit Preferences

Feedback please: Only a mockup… Comments? Suggestions? Thanks.

BITS for Linux

I want to download updates in the background. Does Linux have the equivalent of WIN32 BITS? BITS is a Background Intelligent Transfer Service used for downloading Windows updates in spare, low priority bandwidth. When I do an automatic daily update yum saturates my bandwidth for a couple of minutes which makes browsing really slow. Is […]


A pretty-useless debugging client for PackageKit I wrote in a few minutes: Useful to PackageKit Hackers… It basically allows you to see what the currently running backend can do, and what is left to implement. Some of the backends can't do all the actions, so this tool can show you what they should be able […]

PackageKit GUI Tools

Currently the name of the package management tool is “Manage Packages” in the GNOME menu. It's a way of searching for and installing or removing software in a fairly techy way. Fedora name the pirut tool “Add/Remove Software” and I'm sure other distros name the “installer” different things like “Software Installer”. The update viewer is […]

What is a cache and why do I need to refresh it?

David posted a comment to my last blog entry with a sarcastic “What is a cache and why do I need to refresh it?”. He's got a valid point. To me, having “refreshing a cache” in the status UI is much like the rationale for having both suspend and hibernate in the UI. The user […]

Queuing PackageKit Transactions

I've just completed a big entry off the TODO: queuing transactions that can't be done in parallel. This means you can do RefreshCache and then GetUpdates straight away, and the latter will wait (async of course) for the first to finish. Before we just failed the second transaction which wasn't very nice. Also, when it's […]

Current status of PackageKit backends

Well, hacking is going good. New backends are being developed and merged, and the underlying daemon is a lot more stable. There are now helpers for threaded backends, so in theory they are as easy to write as the external spawned backends. I've merged lots of patches this weekend, and only have two more things […]

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