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Currently the name of the package management tool is “Manage Packages” in the GNOME menu. It's a way of searching for and installing or removing software in a fairly techy way. Fedora name the pirut tool “Add/Remove Software” and I'm sure other distros name the “installer” different things like “Software Installer”.

The update viewer is currently called “Update Viewer” as it's primarily a way of seeing what changed and the reason why, rather than a way to apply the updates (although it can be used to trigger that too).

As usual, I've currently chosen rubbish names….

I need some help on the menu names of these applications – some suggestions:

  • Manage Packages
  • Manage Software
  • Add/Remove Packages
  • Add/Remove Software
  • Software Installer
  • Package Installer
  • Package Update Viewer
  • Software Update Viewer
  • View System Updates

In the future there will also be a tool “Application Installer” that just has a list of common applications like “Pidgin” and “Abiword” and ratings and that sort of thing. This requires integration with the online desktop thing and needs some fleshing out from a design point of view before any code is written. I want to get the “system” tools written before I flesh out this idea.

Other name suggestions welcome, as usual. Reply via blog or email. Thanks.

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