PackageKit and double clicking…

Now if you double click on a rpm/deb file you will get the following UI:

localinstall auth dialog

You always get asked for the admin (or user) password so that this can't be abused by a malicious script when you have asked PolicyKit to remember your password.

We're a couple of weeks from the release of 0.1.0. There are no DBUS API changes planned in the near future, and we're just going though the list of blockers for release.

Join us in #PackageKit on freenode if you get stuck or you want to ask any questions. Thanks.

One response to “PackageKit and double clicking…”

  1. Anonymous

    If you look at Pirut or any of the system-config-* tools in Fedora, the line about “system policy” is instead some along “This program needs more privileges' instead of saying “This access is being denied”. I think that is more clear than the current bold title.

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