4 quick questions

4 quick questions:

  • Do we let the user do a manual system update on battery power?
  • Do we do the automatic security updates on battery power?
  • Do we allow long transactions (e.g. update kernel) to be scheduled when we are low on battery power?
  • Do we make these options configurable in just gconf or in the UI?

Something like that?

One response to “4 quick questions”

  1. Anonymous

    1. Yes, but see 3. 2. Yes, but see 3. 3. You have a way of approximating the length of pending operations, right? So why not just prompt the user if they've scheduled jobs which will take longer than is estimated left in the battery? Actually, simply disabling this entirely (with a gconf key to enable it) is probably safer, given the likely effects of running out of battery widway through a dist-upgrade (i.e. complete system death). 4. No. You don't make these options configurable (with the caveat for the safe bet on 3). UI should be strictly verboten. – Chris

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