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Not very important in the grand scheme of things, but some people want to be able to enable and disable different repos.

pk-repo, which took about 10 minutes to create…

The frontend is done, the backend just needs adding. This should be pretty trivial, it just needs support in the backends. Of course, this will work for all backends and distros and is not distro specific. PolicyKit will be used again to enforce the permissions for changing the repo files.

They'll also be method to set arbitrary data, for tools like distro upgrade tools. A distro upgrade tool isn't something I want to add in PackageKit, although it should be simple to knock something up in python just to execute backend specific standards. There's a python helper library shipped for stuff like this. For example, a foresight distro update tool could just call RepoSetData(“conary-set-download-url”, “”) and then UpdateSystem().

Don't expect this to work properly for 0.1.0 next week, this is a feature preview.

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