PackageKit 0.1.1 release!

New backends:

  • A SMART backend (James Bowes)
  • A PiSi backend (S.Çağlar Onur)

New features:

  • A better, easier to use website (Richard Hughes)
  • Added missing so we can do local rpm installs (Tim Lauridsen)
  • Be ultra-paranoid about validating input from the user (Richard Hughes)
  • Send SIGQUIT and then SIGKILL after a little delay, so we can clean up the backends nicely by unlocking when we cancel (Richard Hughes)
  • Add resolve functionality in pkcon to allow non-package_id use, for instance 'pkcon remove gimp' now does the right thing (Richard Hughes)
  • Display a pulsing progress bar for no-progress-updates and percentage-update that is shown when using a console (James Bowes)
  • Remove the hard dependency on NetworkManager so other networking stacks can be used instead (S.Çağlar Onur, Richard Hughes)
  • Add a filter parameter for Resolve() so we can do the filtering in the spawned backend without duplicating code (James Bowes, Richard Hughes)
  • Substantial additions to the box backend (Grzegorz Dabrowski)
  • Add GetRepoList and RepoEnable to the yum backend (Tim Lauridsen)
  • Add bash completion script for pkcon (James Bowes)
  • Get the repo list for the aplm backend (Andreas Obergrusberger)

API changes:

  • Store the transaction database in /var/lib rather than /var/db (James Bowes)
  • Don't expose the private list in PkTaskList, instead use verified functions to ensure we can't corrupt data accidentally (Richard Hughes)
  • Don't export the private data array in PkClient or PkPackageListthis breaks API, so the library version has been bumped (Richard Hughes)


  • Fix the resolve method parameter passingnow pk-install-package should work correctly (James Bowes)
  • Fix all the copyright notices to be a standard GPL2+ boilerplate licence text (Tom Parker, Robin Norwood)
  • Dist the local apt headers so the apt backend can be compiled from a tarball rather than just from git (Richard Hughes)
  • Fix a 1-in-10 random daemon startup crash when backends do libnm_glib init, shutdown, init, shutdown repeatedly (Richard Hughes)
  • Added locking in the yum backend to allow simultaneous use of the yum command line tool or yum-updatesd (Tim Lauridsen)
  • Fix NoPercentageUpdates validity checking (James Bowes)

Tarball available here.

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