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Mandriva urpmi backend?

Do any mandriva developers read p.g.o? Does anyone want to write a urpmi backend for PackageKit? Join the mailing list and start asking questions and we'll do our best to help you. Thanks.

4 quick questions

4 quick questions: Do we let the user do a manual system update on battery power? Do we do the automatic security updates on battery power? Do we allow long transactions (e.g. update kernel) to be scheduled when we are low on battery power? Do we make these options configurable in just gconf or in […]

PackageKit Auto Updates

I committed a small chunk of code to gnome-packagekit to automatically apply updates if the user has specified this in the preferences tool. If you ask PackageKit to remember the authorization across reboots for updating packages then this becomes a zero-click way of installing updates automatically. No passwords, clicks, or keys. And the grammar sucks…. […]

PackageKit Transaction Viewer

The transaction viewer application allows the user to see what was done, and when. It also allows the user (power user?) to rollback to previous checkpoints if the backend allows this and the admin has granted permissions. The transaction viewer. Yet another tool… It's a pretty trivial application. Notice the use of mail-send-receive to denote […]

Showing the GPG key

I didn't like writing this UI, but to get PackageKit into a couple of distros we need to be able to do a GPG handshake when we install a new repo. I'm questioning whether this is indeed a security measure, but for now I'll run with it. GPG Check UI The following UI will be […]

PackageKit new screenshots

Cool new screenshots: The file list The description and file size

QT-based package manager

I would love to see a QT-based package manager and update icon using the PackageKit API. I'm quite prepared to make changes the the libpackagekit source if this is needed, I know I use a lot of gobject'isms. I can provide a private git server and add as much documentation as you guys need, I […]

PackageKit Team Rocking

The other day I was asked in IRC if I did all the PackageKit coding myself. My response was “I do most of the C, but that's mainly boiler-plate stuff; the backend team do all the hard work“. The next question was “what is the development team like?” which got me thinking: There's some top […]

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