PackageKit YUM backend complete, and the update viewer

Tim has just committed the last parts to the yum backend in PackageKit:

Now, we have to focus on:

  • The APT backend
  • Adding unit tests (use “make gcov” to get a nice report)
  • Finding performance hot-spots (use “make gprof” to help)
  • Finding memory leaks in client and server programs (use valgrind)
  • Adding more sane commenting and gtk-doc markup to functions
  • A new release

But before that, I need to put the update detail into the pk-update-viewer application. At the moment I've got this:

I have to put the following into the bottom 'pane' somehow:

  • package_id (contains what repo it's coming from and the name arch and version)
  • updates (what packages are updated by this package)
  • obsoletes (what is updated by this package)
  • url (a link to a security advisory etc.)
  • restart (if we need to restart or logout/login)
  • update_text (all the description about why the update was done)

The button should be the url link, but I'm stuck otherwise. Ideas welcome, as I'm not GUI design legend.

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  1. Anonymous

    Well done, Tim, Richard. -sv

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