Remembering packages

Colin opened this bug the other day.

Fedora 8 comes out in a few days, and like him I normally clean out the rubbish from my $HOME, and wipe my root partition. This gets rid of all the get-me-running-bodges and failed updates of a typical rawhide cycle.

What I normally do is install the latest live cd, and just execute a massive script that has yum install foo bar baz, where foo bar baz is a list of about 200 packages.

I think I'm right in saying Colin suggests a dialog like “Do you want to install all your usual packages?” on first boot of the new OS. This would be great for me as it's one less hacky script that I use once in a blue moon.

Now, is this a sweet idea, or just feature creep? Feedback welcome.

One response to “Remembering packages”

  1. Anonymous

    If you can figure out sane ui for making the “please remember” selection. You might want to keep an eye on: If we can get the repository metadata to include state flags as described, you'll want to make use of that in your “please remember” interface to let users know that certain packages are deprecated/expired and won't be available in the most recent release. -jef

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