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Random Fedora Question

Does anybody have an “Everything” install for Fedora Core 8 or rawhide? If you do, please email me as I need some desktop files from you for some stats. Many thanks.

Nouveau Progress

I compiled the new mesa today, so I could try out the latest nouveau 3D stuff: So close….. yet so far. Some stuff rocks hard with the new stuff, in particular supertux runs really well now Also, thanks to Stuart Bennett, My LCD panel now uses the same dithering as the binary blob. This means […]

PackageKit and gnome-packagekit 0.1.6 released!

Today I released PackageKit and gnome-packagekit 0.1.6. PackageKit release notes.gnome-packagekit release notes.


Dear NVIDIA and LENOVO, Please can you tell me what bit in your NV4x BIOS corresponds to if_is_18bit, i.e. if my LVDS panel supports 24 bit colour or not.I do understand telling the nouveau developers such business-critical pieces of information could impact future profits, and I do understand that documenting magic numbers means that the […]

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