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So another year, another great FOSDEM. On Sunday I presented an introduction to PackageKit. The slides are now online for any that missed it. For those of you I met, it was great to see you. I was really worried I didn't get a chance to say hi to some key people, so if I […]

PackageKit and gnome-packagekit 0.1.8 released!

Today I released PackageKit and gnome-packagekit 0.1.8. You really want to update to these if you are using 0.1.7 – which had a nice bug causing pk-update-icon to crash.PackageKit release notes and gnome-packagekit release notes. Tarballs available here.

PackageKit at FOSDEM

On Sunday I'll be giving a presentation on PackageKit at FOSDEM. It's scheduled for 3:00pm until 3:45pm in Janson. It would be great to see anyone interested in PackageKit there. After the presentation they'll be questions, and then in the evening, beers.

Big changes

Today I resigned from my graduate hardware engineer position at BAE Systems. In a little over one months time I will be starting at Red Hat UK, with Jonathan Blandford as my boss. I'll primarily be working on laptop support issues, but with a bit of time spent on PackageKit and other cool stuff. This […]

PackageKit and gnome-packagekit 0.1.7 released!

Today I released PackageKit and gnome-packagekit 0.1.7. PackageKit release notes.gnome-packagekit release notes. Tarballs available here.

Service Packs and PackageKit

Microsoft Windows has the concept of service packs, i.e. a large package containing all the fixes to date. Service packs are really useful if a computer only has no (or slow) network connectivity and the whole system has to be updated on multiple computers. I think some sort of PackageKit integration with a “service pack” […]

Cool localisation stuff happening with PackageKit

Package spec files and PackageKit backends are rarely localised. This doesn't matter much if you speak English, but really sucks if you don't. We can't fix all the distro tools and all the packages in the world, but we can do our best to be clever: This is with my locale set to “en_GB” and […]

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