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New pm-utils release

Today I've released into the wild pm-utils 1.1.0. Please see the wiki page for more details about the release. Most of the problems distros have had with pm-utils should be addressed in this release. We'll be doing far more frequent releases now, so expect another release sometime in the next month. Thanks to all involved […]

PackageKit and gnome-packagekit 0.1.10

Today I released PackageKit and gnome-packagekit 0.1.10. PackageKit release notes. gnome-packagekit release notes. Tarballs available here.

Clicking of snd_hda_intel

I've installed Fedora 9 Beta on a laptop with a snd_hda_intel sound card. Every time that alsa powers up the card (from, I guess, a sleep state) I get a speaker and ear popping *click* before the sound effect. I've found Linux is being very aggressive in powering down my soundcard by setting CONFIG_SND_HDA_POWER_SAVE_DEFAULT=5 (seconds). […]

ServicePack : User Interface

Quite a common use case for Linux is where PC's are installed on computers without internet access, or where internet access is very expensive. So, enter PackageKit. You insert a CDROM or USB pendrive with updates on. The following UI appears: You click “yes” and then the update icon appears as if you were online. […]

PackageKit Google Summer of Code Ideas

PackageKit Google Summer of Code Ideas: urpmi backend for Mandriva portage backend for Gentoo ports backend for FreeBSD Rewrite opyum or APTonCD to support libpackagekit and be distribution neutral Design a KDE front-end suitable for upstream inclusion Profiling for memory and speed with a security review of the packagekitd daemon Design of an end-to-end test […]


PEDRO MACANAS VALVERDE: please stop posting useless random shit on mailing lists. I've warned you before.

gtk-doc legend needed

I think I've included the right markup, but the current web documentation looks like rubbish. I really can't convince gtk-doc to recognize that the signals are signals, or to pick up the markup and descriptions that I've so lovingly explained. Any help really appreciated. EDIT: Dan Winship to the rescue: it's because your object struct […]

A very stupid thing

I've just done something very stupid: I dropped my laptop. It must have fell about 30cm onto soft carpet, and now the screen is broken in about 3 places. My excuse is that I've had a super long day at work, and I'm not feeling great, but I'm just so frustrated with myself. I'm guessing […]

PackageKit and gnome-packagekit 0.1.9

New versions! PackageKit release notes.gnome-packagekit release notes. Tarballs available here.

Another GTK Problem

Dear lazyweb, Anybody know how I can put embedded links (for example into a GtkTreeView? Please tell me I don't need to create my own renderer. Ideas welcome, code snippets or links rewarded with beer. Thanks.

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