A very stupid thing

I've just done something very stupid: I dropped my laptop.

It must have fell about 30cm onto soft carpet, and now the screen is broken in about 3 places. My excuse is that I've had a super long day at work, and I'm not feeling great, but I'm just so frustrated with myself.

I'm guessing a replacement screen ~= the price of a new laptop, and I just don't have that kind of money right now. Hence, I'll be offline until I can get hold of an external monitor, which, living in a flat the size of a shoebox, might be hard to find a home for.

In a few weeks I'll be starting at Red Hat, where they are buying me a nice work machine, but until then all major hacking will have to be paused.


One response to “A very stupid thing”

  1. Anonymous

    do you already know what you will do mainly at red hat? regarding your laptop: if you still have warranty on it, try to send it to the vendor and say something like “i had it closed in my bag and after taking it out i notice that the display was broke”. maybe it works, but i did not try for myself ;)

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