9 responses to “New home of my blog”

  1. Jesus Rodriguez

    This is better than Livejournal. Keep up the great work and posts.

  2. Livio

    At least :) !

  3. diegoe

    Yay!. Now please continue the dpkg vs rpm flamewar.

  4. Andreas Nilsson


  5. Alexandre Franke

    Congrats, it was about time ;)

  6. Thomas Thurman


  7. liberforce

    At last ! Thank you so much for that, it was becoming more and more annoying to see you asking some feedback on PackageKit GUI and have to create a fscking livejournal account ! You can count on my remarks for your next posts :-)

  8. Basil Mohamed Gohar

    Welcome to the world of WordPress blogs! It’s so much easier to comment here than on LJ, independent of OpenID issues.

    Hopefully this will translate to less time filtering spam comments and more time into making PK even more amazing. Keep up the great work!

  9. Marius Gedminas

    The ironic thing is that all my previous attempts to use my-working-perfectly-elsewhere OpenID identity to post a comment failed on various blogs.gnome.org blogs. I hope this one works.

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