3 responses to “latency-policy”

  1. nona

    Is this a set of knobs to allow the user to define what policy he/she wants? Or is it a set of API’s for applications to tell the system what latency they need?

    I hope it’s the latter, because giving the users questions that they’re not able to answer, or where the answer is different depending on what they’re doing at that moment is not the way to go. I suspect however you mean the former, since you mention: “We really don’t need to (or want to) export all these settings to the UI as most of them are pretty meaningless to 99.99% of users.”

    Anyway – my opinion is in no small part due to this eye-opening post: http://mjg59.livejournal.com/92880.html

  2. mark gross

    I agree latency is a key to power / policy definition. Have you looked at PM_QOS? http://free-electrons.com/articles/conferences/elc2008-report#gross

    Will you make it to the Plumbers confrence?
    I think we should talk.


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