4 responses to “PackageKit at GUADEC”

  1. Rahul Sundaram

    you are still not in Planet Fedora!

  2. Søren Hauberg

    It seems that the largest problem with PK is a major lack of tabs in the UI. Perhaps you should have a tabbed interface for package installing so you could install several packages at once from multible tabs :-)

  3. makkara

    “Want to have warnings translated into the correct locale?”

    Richard, ordinary (non-expert) users should not see warnings. If there is some situation, it is computer stuff. Warning user about it is forcing users to tend computers. I’d rather let the users do things that accomplish their real world tasks, especially as they lack the expertise to judge those warnings in any case. Locale problems in package management are moot, as is spamming user with automated updates. That stuff should be 100% silent unless if there is a grave and constant error over a period of time.

    The other parts of your show are plain superb! It is very rare to see an actual competitive analysis. I was seriously amazed! The direction you are heading is exactly the correct one.

  4. Vadim P.

    I still disagree with PackageKit being pushed as the frontend also. Backend, sure. Let distros figure out user usability or no.

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