9 responses to “PackageKit 0.3.x new features”

  1. Michael

    This is cool for stable -> stable but do you really want to offer upgrading to some unstable distribution release?

  2. Rob J. Caskey

    You forgot the Upgrade button!

  3. rawsausage

    Whatever goes, as long as it takes me less than 10 seconds on new installation to make the automatic updates completely non-interactive and make sure that I will never ever see or hear from that process. Not in any circumstances, ever.

  4. Frank

    Everything I read says upgrading using yum is a definite No No.

    So now your saying that I will be able to upgrade from F9 yo F10 using yum through the PackageKit front end?

  5. Wes Felter

    OmniWeb remembers if you have ever installed a beta version and notifies you of beta versions after that. If you’ve never used betas it doesn’t tell you about them.

    Also, I think it should be “operating system”, not “distribution”.

  6. Duv

    @Wes Felter: As much as people would agree with you, that is mighty misleading in a Linux environment. Given that each distribution has some semblance of identification importance… it would be more correct to call each a distribution and identify it as such.

  7. pirast

    Frank, I think that it’ll use PreUpgrade for Fedora, won’t it? So only that the preparation is done on a running system.

  8. J.B. Nicholson-Owens

    Is there a way to re-enable the notifications you have previously dismissed with “Do not show this again”? There should be some way to pick which notifications you see and enable seeing those notifications again.

    Also, I’d like to turn off all software upgrade notifications of any kind for users who don’t have the authority to perform the upgrade.

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