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Working at Red Hat

About two years ago, I was at a conference with a load of GNOME people. I mentioned over drinks to two friendly Red Hat hackers, that I had an idea about a packaging framework. It was just an idea, as I was working for a large defence company, and had precious little time to maintain […]

PackageKit: Mobile Broadband Aware

PackageKit now knows the type of connection you are using, thanks to NetworkManager. Many thanks for Dan Williams for the pointers, and the guys in #gnome-hackers for the wording. Now you can be less scared using PackageKit and “automatically install” when occasionally using expensive GPRS on a laptop.

[CVE-2008-4311] DBus 1.2.6

Please don’t yet update DBus for CVE-2008-4311. It’s known to break PackageKit, cups, ConsoleKit, DeviceKit, DeviceKit-power, gdm, and system-config-services. There’s a partial bugfix that has been pushed so PackageKit tools still run (without the GetTid or SetLocale errors), but as introspection is still broken they’ll be odd little warnings and errors for other stuff. I […]

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