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gnome-power-manager and processor wakeups

Powertop is a great tool. Is does however have some disadvantages: ncurses GUI You have to run it as root It gives you hardcore suggestions that you have to do manually, which in turn disable bits of the desktop You can only run one instance of powertop at a time, else you get crazy readings […]

gnome-power-manager and buttons

Another change coming in 2-27 – gnome-power-manager will stop listening to HAL for button events. Peter has been rocking with evdev over the last few months and now all the multimedia buttons come up through both X and HAL. g-p-m has to filter the second button, and mostly this works well. Some distros are still […]

Inhibits, and the new world order

Once upon a time there were three inhibit API’s: HAL: system-wide locks on suspend, hibernate and shutdown gnome-power-manager: session inhibit for idle suspend and hibernate gnome-screensaver: session inhibit for screen blanking and DPMS Obviously, this has a few big flaws: An application might have to inhibit three services, using slightly different methods gnome-screensaver has to […]

Calling all mathematicians

Gaussian smoothing just isn’t working for the profile graph. Anybody got any suggestions?


Every now and then, somebody chastises me for abusing libnotify to display something to to user. I guess it’s easier to just spam a fire-and-forget notification that thinking about how to present the data properly to the user. A classic example is the messages the PackageKit daemon passes to the client program. These messages are […]

Microcode pushes and pulls

Every time I start my laptop, I get a firmware request from the kernel for /lib/firmware/intel-ucode/06-0f-0b for a microcode update. This fails, and no package provides it, but I would like to know why the kernel is requesting this. As far as I knew, all microcode is located in microcode.dat, and pushed from userspace to […]

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