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The next update viewer

We’ve got a new experimental update viewer in GNOME PackageKit. It looks something like this: It’s currently called gpk-update-viewer2, and isn’t the default yet. I’ve patched Fedora rawhide to use it by default so we can get some early feedback and testing. UI feedback welcome. Some of those strings are mighty difficult to understand, for […]

Application Installing (II)

I’ve been hacking more on the app-install framework. It’s now an independent project, with a tarball here. What do the tools do? $ app-install-create: creates the initial database, only used in the post section of the app-install package $ app-install-add: adds data to the system database, used in repo packages $ app-install-remove: removes data from […]

Application installing

In the Linux desktop we have a very big problem: We focus very much on packages. Packages are interesting to programmers, but users care about applications. I’ll explain the difference: Packages can contain none, one or multiple applications. Packages are called “openoffice-common” Applications only belong to one package. Applications are called “ Writer” Now, when […]

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