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I’m getting married

On Thursday I’m getting married. Due to this, I’ll be offline (and pretty much uncontactable) from today, for nearly a week. I’m also honeymooning later in May too, so if you send me mail or report bugs there might be a fair delay to me responding. Wish me luck!

PackageKit on FreeBSD

I’ve just checked a few fixes into git to fix the compile of PackageKit on FreeBSD. I’ve been using 7.1-RELEASE-p4 for testing. Obviously, there is no pkg backend (hint, hint) but the dummy backend seems to be working well. Now all somebody has to do is contribute a backend!

GNOME PackageKit updates

A few nice things have been happening lately. The first is the re-versioning of 0.4.4 to 2.27.1, so that we can stick to GNOME release versions and the promise of release freezes. This should make it a bit easier for distributors, and will make the transition to a little bit easier. We’ve also been […]

Converting to GtkBuilder

This evening I’ve been trying to convert my projects (gnome-packagekit and gnome-power-manager) away from libgade to the shinier GtkBuilder. One less library, right? So far so good, except for the fancy super sexy custom widgets. Stuff like the graph widget in gnome-power-statistics was created using the glade_set_custom_handler function, which was then creating the widget using […]

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