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PackageKit and device rebinding

A few people mentioned on my last blog post that instead of nagging the user to unplug or restart, we should just rebind the device. I didn’t do this yesterday as it was quite hard to do the layering correctly as the session is running as a normal user. But of course, doing things correctly […]

PackageKit and firmware

For a few months now, PackageKit has been able to install firmware for devices. Sometime in 0.5.x series the functionality broke, so I spent the morning fixing up the module properly. So, when you start your session (or insert the device), you get greeted by: Notice, we now display the device model, but in this […]

gnome-power-manager and blanking (removal of bodges)

I’ve been working with the xorg people upstream, trying to sort out all the remaining blanking problems properly, rather than just working around the problem. I’ll explain the key issues: gnome-power-manager uses a counter inside Xorg called IDLETIME. This counter is incremented only when the user does not move the mouse, or click some keys. […]

Blanking in gnome-power-manager (fixed!)

So, Peter Hutterer is my new best friend. Peter has found and patched the bug in the X server that was causing the failure of negative transition triggers in XSync. For you and me, that means that XIDLETIME now works as expected, and gnome-session and gnome-power-manager do the right thing. This means no more random […]

GtkPlug, and browser plugins

Anyone familiar with GtkPlug? I’m having issues with the PackageKit XEmbed browser plugin — unless I set the sizes for the widgets using gtk_widget_set_size_request, or set the widgets to expand to all the space, I get widgets with close to zero width and height: The line across the widget is meant to be a GtkButton! […]

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