GtkPlug, and browser plugins

Anyone familiar with GtkPlug? I’m having issues with the PackageKit XEmbed browser plugin — unless I set the sizes for the widgets using gtk_widget_set_size_request, or set the widgets to expand to all the space, I get widgets with close to zero width and height:

The line across the widget is meant to be a GtkButton! Ideas welcome, and experts rewarded by beer! If anyone has examples of how to do a browser plugin with GTK controls, that would be great too. Thanks!

5 responses to “GtkPlug, and browser plugins”

  1. Bastien

    See Totem’s browser plugin code, in totem/browser-plugin/

  2. Rob

    Started writing a lib for that some time ago. Now surely bitrotten but good luck –

  3. Toshok
    1. Edward Betts

      Broken image, the screenshot is missing.

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