Blanking in gnome-power-manager (fixed!)

So, Peter Hutterer is my new best friend. Peter has found and patched the bug in the X server that was causing the failure of negative transition triggers in XSync. For you and me, that means that XIDLETIME now works as expected, and gnome-session and gnome-power-manager do the right thing. This means no more random blanking when typing.

There’s a pending Fedora 11 update here and a build for rawhide here — it should be tagged for F12alpha, but no promises at this stage.

The important patch for the xserver is here and I urge all distros to cherry-pick this commit into their stable branch, as this affects a lot of users. Hopefully this is the end to the saga of accidental screen blanking.

9 responses to “Blanking in gnome-power-manager (fixed!)”

  1. Michael


  2. Maarten

    Awsome :)

  3. Urrutia

    Thanks for alerting other distros!!!

  4. Jeff Waugh

    Legendary. :-)

  5. Nirbheek Chauhan

    Thanks for blogging about the fix, that too *with* the link to the upstream patch!

  6. Dax


  7. Matthias Adler

    Hooray !

  8. spot

    Awesome! Thanks for helping to track this down.

  9. Maciej Piechotka

    Could a new tab be opened in user’s browser of choice when clicked on message in tray icon?

    Rewriting long URL to ‘find out more’ is not very nice…

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