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The Fedora 12 Installing Saga

And so, long story short, we decided to revert the change for F12. Part of being an open source maintainer (and also my job at Red Hat) is to ignore trolls, but some of the messages I was getting yesterday were just personal attacks and abuse. That’s not cricket at all.

GNOME Color Manager mailing list

GNOME Color Manager now a mailing list – It’s for discussion about colour management in GNOME, and that sort of thing.

GNOME Color Manager and initial scanner support

Late last night, after a few hours of intense refactoring (to allow udev based devices, as well as xrandr based devices) we got the initial scanner support working: This lets us support printers and digital cameras pretty easily too. At the moment we just need to figure out how to make gnome-scan make a scan […]

GNOME Color Manager Progress

GNOME Color Manager now has a website. The mailing list will be set up soon, which means we can start building a community. I’ve also recently completed the calibration integration, using the great ArgyllCMS to do the heavy lifting. This means it’s literally two clicks (with no options!) to generate an accurate screen profile with […]

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