GNOME Color Manager release next Monday

Next Monday I intend to release the first supported version of gnome-color-manager (2.29.1) into the wild.

There have been quite a few new features added to git master recently, and very many bugs squashed. I wanted to thank Pascal de Bruijn for the hours and hours of regression testing he’s been doing, and quite a few other people on the mailing list that have also been reporting bugs before the release. There are quite a few translations already committed, so the first release should look really good.

New features added in the last couple of weeks:

  • Ability to support and manage “disconnected” devices
  • Cairo CIE widget showing gamut ranges
  • Ability to delete and import existing profiles
  • Adding of the rendering intent settings to the DBus interface for applications to use

More testing is always welcome. Thanks!

19 responses to “GNOME Color Manager release next Monday”

  1. Alexandre

    Any plans to update documentation before the release? Or you leave it for others? :)

  2. Tom

    Can’t wait for fedora packages :)

  3. Luca

    Hi Richard,
    nice app, but maybe there is some wasted space in the UI. Can the devices list on the left be shrinked a bit?
    See this screensot:

  4. Béranger

    Seriously? «Thinkpad T61 … Copyright (c) 2009 Richard Hughes»?!
    No, seriously?

  5. Máirín Duffy

    I’m so excited, I can’t wait until the release on Monday :) I really need it because my x61 keeps making Fedora blue look purple :(

  6. mehmoomoo

    Thanks Richard!

    At last some people DELIVER.

  7. Claes

    This is EXACTLY the kind of infrastructure work I am very happy to see being done for free desktops. Congratulations for beating KDE to it!

  8. J.B. Nicholson-Owens

    Three suggestions:

    1. Please consider making a shrunk image for your website which links to a full-size image. The image on the blog now is not shrunk proportionately (as far as I can see) so it’s heavily distorted.

    2. Without commenting on whether profiles can be copyrighted, or should be copyrighted, consider using the copyright symbol instead of “(c)” (and encouraging same for others who contribute profiles). I haven’t looked at the source, so I don’t know: can the strings in the app handle UTF-8?

    3. It would be nice to clarify the license. I’d hate to think I can’t make my own derivatives and distribute them without obtaining additional permission each time. Perhaps the copyright and the license could be separate lines?

  9. Cristian Ciupitu

    I have compiled the latest git version on my up2date Fedora 12 box, but I don’t see my monitor’s name under the “Devices” tab. I’m seeing “default” instead. Is this normal behaviour or should I report a bug? I’m using xorg-x11-drv-nvidia-190.42-5.fc12.x86_64.rpm and kmod-nvidia- My monitor is a HP LP2475w connected via DVI.

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