Shared color profiles

A few days ago I created the shared-color-profiles project. This contains redistributable ICC profiles from different vendors (some free, some non-free). The configure script allows a distro to install just the profile types that are acceptable. In Fedora, that boils down to the profiles in public domain, but we’re hoping to add CC-BY-SA and CC-BY-ND manufacturer submitted profiles really soon. At the moment I’ve added Adobe, Argyll, ECI, ICC and IDEAlliance profiles. A few people are interested in creating profiles for common cameras models, although this would probably be a community supported effort rather than a vendor-supported effort. Anyway, doing this allows us to define proper color working spaces and default spaces to use in applications.

Anyway, if you know of any vendors or standard bodies that have released profiles that allow distribution as part of a combined package, or as CC-BY-foo or public domain then please let me know as a comment on this blog. Thanks.

10 responses to “Shared color profiles”

  1. anonymous

    I think you do some great work. Nice job pulling all this stuff together into a comprehensive user solution.

  2. Anonymous

    Thank you for doing this!

    One request, for the benefit of distributions like Debian that would otherwise need to split the source package themselves: would you consider splitting the non-free color profiles into another package?

  3. kuno

    Hi Richard,
    thanks for your hard working.

    I wonder how to apply its effort on boot rather than launching gnome-color-manager every time after booting.

    1. kuno

      Ok, I think I got the answer:

      put ‘gcm-apply’ command into gnome session list.

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