Standard CMYK color spaces

Does anybody know of any standard CMYK color space ICC profiles that exist in the wild? I’m hoping to convince the copyright owners to release them under a free licence. The Adobe, ECI and IDEAlliance profiles are all really non-free and thus we can’t ship them by default. Thanks!

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  1. foo

    Adobe recently released their CMap stuff under very permissive licenses (BSD), perhaps they would be willing to do so for ICC profiles too. Contact this guy, he might be able to help:

    Ken Lunde

  2. Raffael

    Here is another profile you could be interested in:

    At the bottom you can download “the new newspaper printing process standard” profiles.

  3. Milan Knizek

    Recently, I did a brief research on the topic of standard CMYK profiles and summarised it on KDE site for digiKam’s bugs:

    My candidate for free-to-distribute CMYK standard profile would be coated_FOGRA39L_argl.icc, created by Kai-Uwe Behrmann and included in Oyranos:

  4. Paul Finnigan

    The IDEAlliance publishes some CMYK profiles on their website. I am not too up on CYMK anylonger but they publish three standard icc profiles available at:

    The download does not have a licence with it but the web page has a copyright notice on it and the icc profiles have a copyright notice embedded in them from X-Rite Inc! Perhaps it is worth approaching X-Rite and the IDEAlliance to see if these could be distributed under a copyleft scheme?

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