Creating printer profiles with gnome-color-manager

Work on gnome-color-manager continues. Display, scanner and camera profiling seems to work very well now, but I would really like to move on to creating profiles for printers. To do this I need to buy some expensive kit, something like a ColorMunki. If anyone has one of these sitting in a draw being unloved, it would be all I need to add support to gnome-color-manager. It’s not something I can expense, as it’s not really part of the day job. Anybody?

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  1. tuXXX

    Once you have a calibrated scanner (which can be done with a reference paper sheet, which is rather cheap), could you create a profile from a printed page?

    On the other hand, the printer may output a more extended color range than the one the scanner can read, but if it’s just for adjusting red/green/blue it should be ok?

  2. Andreas

    Hi Richard, actually I have a ColorMunki – Eizo sold them quite cheap a few months ago. I think I could go without it for a few weeks. Would this help you?

  3. Paul Finnigan

    Richard I do not have the equipment, in fact I am just looking into a possible purchase myself. I do not think that loaning you the kit is the answer! You need the kit to develop and to debug later.

    Have you got a paypal account? I for one am willing to stump up for this to work on Gnome. Let me know how you want the cash.

    I do not know where you live but in the US you can get the colormunki for $305 including a $50 rebate. That means that if you can 6 more people like me to stump up $50 you should be able to get one. If like me you live in the UK then you will need 10 of us.

    Are there any others willing to pledge any money?

  4. Milan Knizek

    I agree with Paul and am willing to paypal a donation to Richard.
    (I use an older DTP 41 for profiling print-outs.)

  5. Pascal de Bruijn

    I know Argyll can generate printer profiles using a calibrated scanner… But the results are usually suboptimal at best…

    The only proper way to generate printer profiles is using a spectrophotometer… Like the ColorMunki…

    I’d be willing to pitch in a few bucks as well, though not as much as 50EUR…

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