GNOME Color Manager and printer profiling

Yesterday afternoon my community sponsored ColorMunki arrived. Within hours, I had fixed all the issues using it for display calibration:

Notice the device specific images? If you don’t get images you’ll be directed here and asked to submit images for other users. This just left projector support, which was also pretty easy to add:

So, then I moved onto calibrating printers. Normally people only want to profile the local printer, but I really want to profile the printer I use on a weekly basis: Snapfish. The idea of a print shop is you upload image files and in a few days time you get then back in the mail. Now GCM allows me to generate 7 photos worth of calibration squares and when I receive the photos I can generate the ICC profile so all subsequent photos are color compensated:

All the code is in git master, although the print shop feature is not quite finished yet. Yell if it breaks.

17 responses to “GNOME Color Manager and printer profiling”

  1. Anonymous

    This is all very interesting and exciting but I’m wondering how much you are inventing all from scratch (logic, GUI, layout, etc) and how much have you looked at other operating systems (like Vista, Win7, OS X) for hints?

  2. Philip

    In that last image, the description string would be better as: …”or process some reference images.”. The middle button label should be: “Create Images for Print Shop”. :-)

  3. Anonymous

    Some poking around suggests that you can get ICC profiles from SnapFish.

  4. Federico Mena Quintero

    This is really lovely, and it will be tremendously useful.

    Two minor nitpicks from the screenshots:

    * Should be “is an LCD” since you read it as “is an el cee dee”.

    * Should be “or process some reference images” without the “to”.

    It would be good to have a web page or downloadable PDF for reference on how to do your color workflow – which tools support it, which don’t, and something like a flowchart of how to proceed.

    You are seriously tempting me to get a colorimeter :)

  5. dm

    I won’t nit pick, but

    “So, then I moved onto calibrating printers. Normally people only want to profile the local printer, but I really want to profile the printer I use on a weekly basis: Snapfish.”

    seriously … awesome :)

    You’ve gone above and beyond the call, Mr Hughes.

    One question: I don’t have the calibration hardware but if someone else has gone to the trouble of profiling print shop X, can one simply install and use that profile? If so, the next step would be maintaining an online repo of said profiles (presumably print shops would want to publish this data)

  6. Kevin Kofler

    Is that the en_GB translation? Because in en_US, “analyze” is the preferred spelling.

  7. Stijn Hoop

    Looks pretty good. One small suggestion: the “CRT” image looks more like an iMac than a CRT. Maybe it’s better to actually rotate it 45 degrees so that you can show the “bulk” of the CRT end, in order to distinguish it from an LCD? Note that I’m definitely not a usability expert either so feel free to ignore this suggestion if this was already Designer Approved :-)

  8. Cristian Ciupitu

    It looks nice, but how do you build it? The git repository has no instructions.

  9. Nuvie

    Debian/Gnome user here just to say: Thank you so much! I’m really looking forward to this someday becoming available in a (.deb?) package. Then I can color-correct my DG45ID with my flat-screen CRT HDTV via HDMI ^_^

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