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colord progress – ghostscript done

One of the best parts of working at Red Hat is that you are encouraged to do things properly, even if they take a long time. I guess the logic is that if you’re going to be supporting the code in RHEL for years and years, then it pays to do it the right way, […]

YUM is getting a DBus API

Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery: YUM is getting a DBus API.


Dear rpmfusion. Please build codec packages for Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6. My wife is stuck in bed and wants to watch a movie. Thanks, The Hughes Family.

Is GNOME 3 going to melt your laptop?

In GNOME 3.0, we’re defaulting to suspending the computer when the user shuts the lid, and not providing any preferences combobox to change this. This is what the UI designers for GNOME 3.0 want, and is probably a step in the right direction. We really can’t keep working around bugs in the kernel with extra […]

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