gnome-color-manager and profiles

GNOME Color Manager has shown 2D CIE 1931 plots for a couple of years now, but as all color savvy people know, a gamut is a 3D object, and a 2D slice can be horribly inaccurate and misleading sometimes.

To fix this, I worked for a couple of hours at the weekend to produce a 3D gamut graph using clutter:

It’s then a simple case of clicking and dragging on the hull to rotate it. Long term, there will be a way to compare the different device gamuts, but I’ve not worked out a good way to show this in the UI.

To accomplish the new plot I’ve reused a lot of the math from icc_gamin, and a lot of the setup code from the viewer example program for mash, and also used a lot of the cleverness in clutter-gtk.

To play with the new toy, you’ll need to install clutter-gtk and mash, and be building gnome-color-manager from git master.

6 responses to “gnome-color-manager and profiles”

  1. Dylan

    Just want to say thank you very much. I benefit from your previous efforts on a daily basis, and color management is also a very welcome addition to the Gnome desktop. BTW, I like the edge treatment of the tabs left and right of the active tab. Is this new for Gnome 3?

    1. Emmanuele Bassi

      yes, that’s the Adwaita theme engine, the default GNOME 3 theme

  2. prokoudine

    Stop reading and implementing my thoughts!!! :D

  3. Stuart

    Do you know if your colour manager is planned to be included in Ubuntu 11.04?

  4. Pavel

    nice toy, but I doubt it is really that useful. The thing about the CIE plots is that they are brightness-normalized, so you really not lose anything important IMO.
    And comparing 2D objects is always easier than 3D objects. ;)

    Something I would really appreciate is drawing the gamut triangle in the LAB CIE plot. I dont know wheter gcm already does this, as it is not default in ubuntu yet, so maybe you could also promote it there..

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