colord-kde progress

In a few short days we’ve already got the colord-kde repo up, and Daniel and I have been writing some initial code. Several more people have offered to help this week too.

If you know C++ and Qt please send me a patch for one of the TODOs in the kded module. Most are simple, for instance //TODO: get the md5 checksum of the data

3 responses to “colord-kde progress”

  1. Daniel

    Oh, sorry I didn’t read you blog, I’ve already added the md5 extraction code (1 line of code), but hey there are an infinity list of TODOS :D jump in if you want to

  2. Spelling Pedant

    In the nicest possible way…

    The Internet suggests you’re an Englishman. So why on earth can’t you spell *colour* properly???


  3. Kevin Kofler

    @Spelling Pedant:

    Because that just looks weird to the rest of the world? ;-)

    (Hopefully the EU won’t start forcing us Europeans to use British spelling. ;-) )

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