ColorHug devices in stock

Ania and I spend a good chunk of this weekend calibrating more ColorHug devices, the open-hardware colorimeter. A combination of me being unwell last week and the stress of a house extension (and a baby on the way) meant this batch has been far more delayed than we wanted it to be. Devices can be purchased on the website with no pre-order required as we’ve now worked through the backlog and have got stock spare.

If you’re interested in the latest things we’ve been working on have a look the FAQ entry about the new measurement modes available in the latest experimental firmware.


4 responses to “ColorHug devices in stock”

  1. Nirbheek Chauhan

    Will you be coming to GUADEC this year? If so, will you be getting a few with you? ;)

  2. Anders Brander

    A baby on the way… My very best wishes for the coming family :)

  3. cheap swords

    That is good news, I might go onto the website and get me one of those devices.

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