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Own a color calibration device?

I’ve written a tiny survey for some market research. I need to know which hardware to buy for colord and gnome-color-manager so I can build a testing matrix to run through before each release. If you already own a color calibration device or are planning to buy one, I would really appreciate you answering just three questions for me. […]

Color management in GNOME 3.8

I’ve spent a few hours each day for the last couple of weeks writing code to support the new mockups done by Allan for display calibration. This involved two pretty big patches, one for a reworked color panel in the control center, and one for the colord-session native calibration I blogged about a few weeks […]

Heuristics using display EDIDs

Does anybody know any heuristics to work out if a connected display EDID data blob is a projector, CRT or LCD? For the new GNOME color control panel we want to select the correct device type by default, but allow the user to change it if the heuristic is wrong or the EDID data is […]

Logitech Unifying Devices

Logitech have started shipping Unified devices, which means you can have up to 6 wireless devices connected to one little USB dongle thing. They’ve also invented a protocol called HID++, and it’s already in version 2. It’s basically a way to issue low level commands in a structured way to HID devices. It’s actually tons […]

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