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GSL-like math library?

Does anybody know of a GSL-like math library that can do Akima and cubic spline interpolation? It needs to be LGPLv2+ or some variant of BSD. GSL is GPLv3 which ┬áis incompatible with the the LGPLv2+ used in libcolord. GPL for a library is such a bad idea it’s not even funny.

GResource and colord startup

A couple of days ago I released colord 0.1.30. This was an otherwise unremarkable release with the normal splattering of a few bugfixes and the occasional small new features. One such feature is the use of GResource. The new GResource stuff that landed in Glib 2.32 allows you to embed abritary binary data into the […]

Color Calibration Survey Results

A couple of weeks ago I asked people on my blog and a few chosen mailing lists to answer three simple questions: What monitor calibration devices do you own? Which of these devices have you used in the last 6 months? If you were to buy a new calibration device, which would you buy? I […]

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