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Auto-EDID Profiles Results

First, thanks for everyone that contributed ICC profiles. I’ve received over 800 uploads in a little under 24 hours, so I’m very grateful. TLDR: Total profiles scanned: 800 Profiles with invalid or unlikely primaries: 45 EDIDs are valid 94.4% of the time This resulted in the following commit to colord: commit 87be4ed4411ca90b00509a42e64db3aa7d6dba5c Author: Richard Hughes […]

Auto-EDID ICC Profiles

A favour, my geeky friends: gnome-settings-daemon and colord-kde create an ICC profile based on the color information found in the EDID blob. Sometimes the EDID data returns junk, and so the profile is also junk. This can do weird things to color managed applications. I’m trying to find a heuristic for when to automatically suppress […]

Translated Color Profiles

Translated Color Profiles

In GNOME 3.10 we’ll have translated ICC profiles thanks to all the translators. This should make Alexandre Prokoudine happy indeed. For applications, libcolord provides a CdIcc GObject if you don’t feel like dealing with wchar_t‘s and ‘mluc‘ objects yourself. Applications that deal with ICC profiles and want to get the localized versions of the description […]

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