GNOME Software Center and YOU!

Do you maintain an application that people use? Do you want people to be able to install it easily in the GNOME Software Center?

If both of those are true, please read the newly finalised AppData specification and ship one tiny extra file in your tarball. People will love you for doing it, and I’ll really appreciate it. Maybe post 3.10 we can do a GNOME Goal for all the core GNOME modules, but of course this applies to GNOME, KDE, XFCE and random standalone apps.

12 responses to “GNOME Software Center and YOU!”

  1. Baptiste Mille-Mathias

    Hi Richard,

    Will this document become a spec, as is the Desktop Entry one ?

    If yes, I’d recommend dropping implementation details as “Additionally, we will penalize apps that do not ship the extra metadata by showing them lower in the search results”, that are just choice of the tool which will handle the data.

    Regarding GNOME, the translation of the file appData will be handled like any translation we have currently right ?


  2. Marco

    Is it possible to generate this file and add an application to the GNOME Software Center at runtime?

  3. Stephen Brandt

    Hi Richard,

    I’m the developer of Haguichi, an application famous for it’s regular appearance in GNOME Software Center mockups. ;D

    Sure I want people to be able to install my application easily in the GNOME Software Center! But after adding this extra file to the source tarballs, how is Haguichi supposed to end up in the GNOME Software Center? Haguichi is currently not even present in a single “official” distribution repository, but only in user driven repositories [1]. Will GNOME Software Center use a different repository or support installation from source tarballs? Or is your message geared to “package maintainers” instead of actual “application maintainers”?


  4. Mark Harfouche

    How does ubuntu generate the data for its software center?

    Random example (I don’t even know this application):

    They seem to already do what you do. Are you forcing developers to include two different files now? Why not just use the Ubuntu specifications for the store-front?

    1. FeRD (Frank Dana)

      The Ubuntu software center Publishing guide shows that it’s an online process, where any application listed in the Software Center is explicitly published via their web interface — nothing’s automated. So, it seems like more of an Android / iTunes model, and entirely incompatible with the functionality being developed for GNOME Software. (Though, if they were interested, the Ubuntu Software Center people could probably leverage .appdata.xml data to streamline some of their publishing process, rather than making app publishers provide all of the required metadata manually.)

  5. Pierre

    Ubuntu is also importing the DDTP descriptions and their translations for many packages, of course.

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