GNOME Goal: AppData for all applications

Daniel Mustieles García has proposed a GNOME Goal that every official application in GNOME should ship an AppData file. See the wiki page and check your module. Loads of modules have already added files, but remember, the AppData file has to be translated and validated before it’s ‘done‘ for the GNOME Goal.


4 responses to “GNOME Goal: AppData for all applications”

  1. Kris Thomsen

    How can the AppData be translated? I’m on Gnome’s danish translation team, and would like to translate a few – but how? :)

  2. Andres G. Aragoneses

    The wiki page contains instructions on what to write when filling “done”:

    ||done||` [[GnomeBug:xxxxx|done]]`||

    However, none of the “done” entries contain a reference to the bug. This, combined to the fact that none of the patches linked are “complete”, means that there is no single example of how to do this right.

    Can someone point to a “not-needs-work” patch which has been committed and that includes translations? (The gnome-power-manager example is just a commit which adds l10n support to *already committed* appdata.)


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