Copyright in AppData files

More AppData news! I’ve been contacted by someone connected to Debian Legal, who apparently want me to add copyright information to the AppData files for licence compliance. Whilst most of the files are CC0 (basically public domain) it doesn’t seem super important, but it is technically required. If you ship an AppData file, I’d appreciate it if you could add <!-- Copyright 2013 First Lastname --> on the second line in the file. I’ve updated the AppData specification examples accordingly.

Additionally, the appdata-validate tool will warning you about missing copyright information if you use the –strict command line argument in the next release.

3 responses to “Copyright in AppData files”

  1. Nikos Roussos

    Does Debian also uses CC0 to license appdata files?

    On CC0 you give away your moral rights too, so having a copyright notice doesn’t seem right. If copyright is mandatory then the license should be CC-BY.

  2. Christian Dywan

    There is no such thing as giving up moral rights. In countries such as France and Germany with that distinction even if you use “Copyright My Boss” you retain your own copyright as long as you live; this is also the reason why there’s no concept of true public domain in such countries.

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