AppData Validation Tool Update 2

There’s a new version of the AppData validation tool, and this one actually downloads and validates the screenshots you’ve included in the .appdata.xml files. See the AppData specifications for guidelines on how to make good screenshots.

Get it while it’s hot, appdata-tools-0.1.4.tar.xz or I’ve built Fedora RPMs too.

Please yell if you think you’ve written a valid file, and it fails to validate using the tool. We’ve added a lot more checks, and we’re getting more strict — so please revalidate your file if you’ve already done so. Thanks!

4 responses to “AppData Validation Tool Update 2”

  1. Alexander

    How is one supposed to make 16:9 screenshots? Manually roughly resize the window so that it fits? Is there a screenshot tool that does that?

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