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Testing the hawkey backend in Fedora 20

The grand plan is that Fedora is replacing yum with dnf in Fedora 21/22. For a few technical reasons PackageKit isn’t going to be using the python DNF layer, but instead using the main two libraries that DNF is build upon directly, namely hawkey (which in turn uses libsolv) and librepo. I’ve been working with […]

Offline Updates Performance Notes

So, after my epic 20+ minute offline update of 245 packages, last night I decided to look at some profiling numbers. All my testing was done using git master PackageKit (for the new strace support) on an otherwise unmodified Fedora 20 of a snapshot from last week. For the strace I chose to update two […]

Offline Updates in Fedora 20

In GNOME 3.10 we’re encouraging more people to use the offline-update functionality which we’ve been using in Fedora for a little while now. A couple of people have told me it’s really slow, but I hadn’t seen an offline update take more than a minute or so as I test updates all the time. To […]

GNOME Shell and GNOME Software

GNOME Shell and GNOME Software

The ever-awesome Matthias Clasen added a nice feature to GNOME Software a couple of weeks ago: It’ll be available in GNOME 3.12 in a few months time.

Upstream adoption of AppData so far

By popular request, some update on the upstream adoption of AppData so far: Applications in Fedora with long descriptions: 168 (9%) Applications in Fedora with screenshots: 140 (7%) Applications in GNOME with AppData: 60 (50%) Applications in KDE with AppData: 1 (1%) Applications in XFCE with AppData: 0 (0%) You can look at a few […]

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