GNOME Shell and GNOME Software

The ever-awesome Matthias Clasen added a nice feature to GNOME Software a couple of weeks ago:
It’ll be available in GNOME 3.12 in a few months time.

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  1. Ralph Bean


  2. Naheem

    The current screenshot could lead to some confusion.

    Is there a way to add a title/explanation? “Available applications” (and maybe another search provider higher up that is called “Installed applications”?)

  3. Martin Engbers

    What, no SuperTuxKart in GNOME Software?

  4. Germán

    Great! :)

  5. hotmusicfan

    Hello, Richard! :)

    I know it’s outside of the topic but will there be (a future) possibility for GNOME Software to search software in all (including 3rd party) repositories which is installed on the system (e.g. RPMFusion)?
    Thanks :)

  6. Martin Engbers

    About substring matching: I really loved the partial matching that GNOME Do offered, where e.g. “ffx” would match “firefox” and “thb” would match “thunderbird”. Any chance something like this could be added to GNOME Shell search, or is this type of matching to resource intensive?

  7. Martin Engbers

    In GNOME Do, an input j would match all strings s such that the characters in j appeared in s in the same order. Hence, ffx matches FireFoX, thb matches THunderBird, stk matches SuperTuxKart. It sounds like it would lead to many false positives, but it really worked like a charm.

    1. Martin Engbers

      I guess they also performed some magic to rank the matches.

  8. Helder Reis

    Just wondering how this would integrate with distros like ArchLinux. Would search the AUR, would it need manual configuration to work properly…? Any thoughts on this?

    1. Simon

      For all those requesting the GNOME Do pattern matching, it’s worth noting that the completion behaviour shouldn’t be unique to software installation, but should apply to Shell as a whole. That is, I shouldn’t be able to search for Firefox as “ffx”, install it, and then not have it accessible via the same search string.

  9. Stefan

    Any chance for this to be activated by a special string? For example, normal text typing would be like Gnome shell works now, but if we add a prefix, like ; or : before the query, then that query would work for the web and software search? I mean, this is great but people would probably like to have distinct functions for installed apps and apps to be installed (including me).

  10. Andrew Cowie

    I always hate it when someone says “will be in 3.12 in a few months time”. We don’t even have 3.10 yet in any major distros. :(


  11. Sn3ipen

    But there’s no Amazon in there!


  12. Omar Samuels

    really appreciate all the hard work put into to make 3.10 so good.
    thanks much.

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