AppData status for January

So, it’s been a couple of months since my last post about AppData progress, so about time for one more. These are the stats for Fedora 21 in January (with the stats for Fedora 20 in November in brackets):

Applications in Fedora with long descriptions: 11% (up from 9%)
Applications in Fedora with screenshots: 9% (up from 7%)
Applications in GNOME with AppData: 53% (up from 50%)
Applications in KDE with AppData: 1% (unchanged)
Applications in XFCE with AppData: 0% (unchanged)

If you want to see what your application looks like, but don’t want to run gnome-software from Fedora rawhide or jhbuild, you can check the automatically-generated status page.

Some applications like 0ad and eog look great in the software center, but some like frogr and gbrainy just look sad. As always, full details about AppData here.

One response to “AppData status for January”

  1. Mario

    I understand that that status page is generating the entry for frogr based in the 0.8 release and not in the latest one (0.9), released a few days ago.

    In theory it should be all fine now, as frogr 0.9 already includes a proper AppData file, with screenshots, a nice description and all that. But please let me know if that’s the case should I need to do something else to make frogr look decent in the software center.


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