Is PackageKit-hawkey now ready for primetime?

I’ve been using the hawkey backend on my Fedora 20 system for about 6 weeks now. In that time, I’ve found bugs in hawkey, librepo and even libsolv and I’d like to thank Michael, Tomas and Ales for all the help debugging and reviewing all the fixes. Of course, there were quite a few PackageKit […]

GNOME PackageKit updates

A few nice things have been happening lately. The first is the re-versioning of 0.4.4 to 2.27.1, so that we can stick to GNOME release versions and the promise of release freezes. This should make it a bit easier for distributors, and will make the transition to a little bit easier. We’ve also been […]

The next update viewer

We’ve got a new experimental update viewer in GNOME PackageKit. It looks something like this: It’s currently called gpk-update-viewer2, and isn’t the default yet. I’ve patched Fedora rawhide to use it by default so we can get some early feedback and testing. UI feedback welcome. Some of those strings are mighty difficult to understand, for […]


Every now and then, somebody chastises me for abusing libnotify to display something to to user. I guess it’s easier to just spam a fire-and-forget notification that thinking about how to present the data properly to the user. A classic example is the messages the PackageKit daemon passes to the client program. These messages are […]

Microcode pushes and pulls

Every time I start my laptop, I get a firmware request from the kernel for /lib/firmware/intel-ucode/06-0f-0b for a microcode update. This fails, and no package provides it, but I would like to know why the kernel is requesting this. As far as I knew, all microcode is located in microcode.dat, and pushed from userspace to […]

PackageKit: Mobile Broadband Aware

PackageKit now knows the type of connection you are using, thanks to NetworkManager. Many thanks for Dan Williams for the pointers, and the guys in #gnome-hackers for the wording. Now you can be less scared using PackageKit and “automatically install” when occasionally using expensive GPRS on a laptop.

[CVE-2008-4311] DBus 1.2.6

Please don’t yet update DBus for CVE-2008-4311. It’s known to break PackageKit, cups, ConsoleKit, DeviceKit, DeviceKit-power, gdm, and system-config-services. There’s a partial bugfix that has been pushed so PackageKit tools still run (without the GetTid or SetLocale errors), but as introspection is still broken they’ll be odd little warnings and errors for other stuff. I […]

pkcon list-install foo.package-list

In newer versions of gnome-packagekit there’s a tool called gpk-service-pack: This tool I’ve explained in the past, and there is now lots of information and diagrams in the help file about how it all works and what the point of the tool is. Anyway, the point of this blog post isn’t to promote service packs; […]

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