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Sat 07 Jul 2001

dinner: Dinner at the Pilot’s House. I had a nice sea trout with a baked potato and a hush puppy. And two Bass Ales. I found out my dad worked as manual labor for Bass when he was a teenager… beach: I went with my family to Ocracoke Island, today. It was a lot fun, […]

Fri 06 Jul 2001

kite: I got to fly my kite!!!! It wasn’t very windy, so I got to practice low speed flying. It was very tough to keep in the air, as it continually stalled and fluttered down. I managed to get Edward to fly it for a while, too. He thought it was pretty cool. Tomorrow we’re […]

Wed 04 Jul 2001

openh323: What a crappy packaging system! Alex got gnomemedia to work today, and it was pretty cool. We tried to make RPMS of this package, and it took forever. No autoconf/automake, no concept of actually installing packages. Just a bunch of Makefiles. Blah. kite: I’m going to fly my kite this weekend!!!!