Sat 07 Jul 2001

  • dinner: Dinner at the Pilot’s House. I had a nice sea trout with a baked potato and a hush puppy. And two Bass Ales. I found out my dad worked as manual labor for Bass when he was a teenager…

  • beach: I went with my family to Ocracoke Island, today. It was a lot fun, though we were bitten badly by sand flies. I sat and read the Tailor of Panama a bit more, but gave up. I’m not enjoying it as much as I was expecting to. I borrowed my brother’s copy of The Moon is Down. Much more readable.

  • kite: We tried to fly Zana’s box kite at the beach at Ocracoke, but the wind was too inconsistent. We could get the kite thirty feet in the air or so, but had a lot of trouble getting it higher than that. There were a couple other people with kites at the beach, including a parafoil. That was able to get very high despite the bad wind. Perhaps I should invest in one. There was a stunt kite too, though they were unable to really get it in the air. I’m glad I didn’t try with mine.

  • gphoto: I’m unable to get my Digital camera to download uncorrupted images with any consistency. This is very frustrating. More research is needed.

Fri 06 Jul 2001

  • kite: I got to fly my kite!!!! It wasn’t very windy, so I got to practice low speed flying. It was very tough to keep in the air, as it continually stalled and fluttered down. I managed to get Edward to fly it for a while, too. He thought it was pretty cool. Tomorrow we’re going to Ocracoke Island — with some luck I can fly it again then.

  • sports (windsurfing): My dad and I tried windsurfing today. I hadn’t been in many years, when I did it in Mission Bay with the Readheads. We were pretty incompetent, but managed to get the hang of it eventually.

  • definitions (hang of it): In this case “hang of it” means we were able to go forward pretty well, with a minimum of time spent in the very warm water. We were unable to tack very well, though, as we kept getting further and further away from the beach chairs.

  • tennis (wimbledon): All of the people I was cheering for lost today (though I think I have a mild preference for Henman, and he’s winning.) Suck.

  • book: While not windsurfing, I read the Tailor of Panama. I’m having trouble associating with such a congenital liar, though.

Wed 04 Jul 2001

  • openh323: What a crappy packaging system! Alex got gnomemedia to work today, and it was pretty cool. We tried to make RPMS of this package, and it took forever. No autoconf/automake, no concept of actually installing packages. Just a bunch of Makefiles. Blah.

  • kite: I’m going to fly my kite this weekend!!!!